Thursday, April 1, 2021

A is for Avi

 A-Z Challenge 2021

I haven't even signed up for this challenge yet, but I think I'm going to go for it.

My theme is Favorite Lines in Books...I was going to have it be Famous First Lines, but I don't think I want to tie myself down to just the first line.

April 1: A is for Avi

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, to be specific. Before there was Pirates of the Caribbean, there was this book. I've always loved books set on the ocean, and Charlotte Doyle is the ultimate power woman.

It starts like this, "Not every thirteen-year old girl is accused of murder, brought to trial, and found guilty. But I was just such a girl, and my story is worth relating..."

Articulate, ageless, and amazing, am I right? Possibly even addicting. This is a YA book, which is my favorite kind.


  1. Nice theme. I'll be looking for new books to read!

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. Yessssssss, this is such a great topic! I'm going to have to write it down for future A to Z Challenges because it's so perfect and amazing.

    I haven't read this book in a long time, but that is a great first line. A+ for Avi, for sure.