Monday, March 19, 2018

A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal Day!

Hi! Welcome to my blog and welcome to the A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal Day!

My name is Melanie Crouse. I'm a blogger, a writer of young adult fantasy, a gifted and talented teacher, a pianist, a wife and a mother, not necessarily in that order of importance. 

I've been researching for this A-Z challenge all year long. When I chose my topic I thought I would fill up the letters pretty easily, but it ended up taking a lot longer than I'd realized to fill up about half of the letters. I think you'll be pleased with the quality of my choices though. I know I am!

Without further A-Z theme is...


I listen to some great podcasts, and I've found some amazing new ones as well. My podcasts topics run the gamut, from health and science to parenting to writing to reading to self-help to comedy to religion and more! There is something for everyone. If you  listen to a great podcast, I'd love to hear from you down in the comments. Who knows, maybe your podcast will end up on my list!