Friday, June 19, 2015

Melanie's Summer Reading List 2015

I'm trying to ease my way back in to this whole blogging thing, and I'm hoping that will help ease me back into the whole writing thing.  Life has gone pirouetting out of my control in these last few months, and I've landed in a whole new world--a good world, but one I'm not ready to talk about yet. I'm starting with something a little easier:

Melanie's Summer Reading List

Image result for dorothy must die

Dorothy Must Die is one of those books I might put down after 10 pages. 
But it has caught my eye just enough times that I've got to give it a chance.

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To All the Boys I've Loved Before caught me off-guard--I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. So I'm exited to read the sequel--P.S. I Still Love You.

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Sequel to The Winner's Curse, which I loved.


I am a Bones fanatic, and I've always wanted to read something by Kathy Reichs. But I almost always hate modern books written for adults, so I never tried. Kathy kindly fixed that problem by writing a series for young adults. I just finished Virals, and I'm looking forward to Seizure.

Image result for the fill in boyfriend

I was attracted to this book because it looked like a Jennifer E. Smith cover.
Of course, once you start looking, you'll realize that her covers are getting copied right and left.
But I've got my fingers crossed.

It's a sad, lonely looking list...usually I've got dozens. But I'm kind of out of touch with all my reader peeps, so if you've got something I might enjoy, please leave me a comment!