Friday, April 20, 2018

R is for Read Aloud Revival

Welcome to Day 18 of the A-Z challenge. Day 18 people! There were times I didn't think I would make it this far, and yet here we are! This year I am reviewing podcasts. Day 18 is the letter R, and the podcast I will be reviewing is the Read Aloud Revival.

Sarah Mackenzie thinks you should be reading to your kids. She means all your kids--she just did an article about reading out loud to your teenagers. I loved it! I have two teenagers at home, and only one of them will let me read to them, but I love it with my whole heart! If you have a child living with you, she has tips and reasons for reading to them. 

Category: Kids and Family

What's the Time Commitment Here? 
Once a week for 25 minutes. 

My Review:
I love reading out loud. I do it as a teacher, I do it as a parent, and frankly I would do it as a stranger if I found a child who needed to be read to and I could do it without being creepy. Sarah loves reading to children as much as I do. I don't listen to every episode, because not every episode matches my situation in life. But I love middle grade and young adult literature, so I like the recommendations for myself. 

All of my children love reading, but it was heartbreaking to watch my oldest son kind of "outgrow" reading. I didn't want that to happen to my younger son, and this podcast inspired me to listen to an adult book with him on audiobook--just to show him that there is a whole world of books out there when he runs out of books in the young adult section. We're about 1/3 of the way through The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, and this time with him is so precious. I'm so grateful that it is happening, and that Brandon Sanderson writes super long books.

You can listen to Read Aloud Revival here or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

P.S. Her website is super organized, so if you are only interested in one age group or one topic, you can easily find the related podcasts. 


  1. We always read aloud to our children from when they were a very young age - neither of them remembers most of it, but it did instil vocab and language skills that have stood them in good stead. Our daughter became an English teacher and our son leads a discussion group - so it never went to waste.

    Leanne |
    R for Remember Silence

  2. Yes! Yes! and Yes! Super important and precious time spent.

  3. My girls and I read all the Harry Potter books out loud together and then listened to them again on audio tape. We read The Hobbit too. Sadly, they outgrew reading out loud with me but I have some great memories. Weekends In Maine

  4. I loved cuddling up with our daughters and reading a book when they were little. I think I read The Monster at the End of the Story featuring Elmo a million times! I have a granddaughter still young enough to cuddle and read to. Sadly, kids outgrow listening to someone read outloud to them. I wonder if that's why we like audiobooks so much--having someone read us a story.
    JQ Rose

  5. I have yet to listen to Podcasts and I know there is are some great things to be heard.. I must get started asap. Happy AtoZ!!

  6. I have never heard podcasts but this is amazing. My 3 year old loves books and I read out to her. I would have never thought it would be beneficial for teenagers too. Glad to have got to know this fact.

  7. I read aloud to my kids when they were little but once they could read for themselves we stopped doing it for the most part. How interesting to keep reading even to teens. Great way to bond.

    Janet’s Smiles

  8. Love the idea of this podcast and will certainly check it out. I love reading aloud - it's definitely not just for young kids. But it certainly is thrilling to see kids captivated by the wonders of books.

  9. Shall listen to the podcast. Reading aloud is a very good exercise. Even if there aren't anyone to listen, you hear your own voice, and that has a great impact on ourselves.
    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  10. I was just thinking about reading aloud to my daughters when they were younger and weren't able to read on their own. When they got older, they did more reading on their own. Now, we don't do any reading together. I miss that. Perhaps this summer we can choose a book or listen to a podcast together as a family.