Thursday, April 12, 2018

K is for Kai Ryssnal

Why, oh why did two such hard letters have to exist side by side? There is a possible dearth of great podcasts that start with J and K. However because finding good podcasts can be so difficult, I might be missing some fantastic ones! If I am please let me know your favorite J and K podcasts in the comments below.

Welcome to Day 11 of the A-Z Challenge. This year I am reviewing podcasts. Day 11 is the letter K, and the podcast I will be reviewing is Marketplace with Kai Ryssnal.

Pre-podcast me loved Marketplace. It was my favorite radio show. That's the cool thing about radio shows though--a lot of them are podcasts now, so you can listen to them whenever you want to. If you follow my blog, you know that I like conversational podcasts more than I like journalistic ones. Marketplace is an exception to that rule because I've been listening for a long time. 

I recently found out that Kai Ryssnal has another podcast, with Molly Wood, called Make Me Smart.

Category: iTunes classifies Marketplace as Business News and Make Me Smart as Business. Pretty weird, since I usually don't like those categories, but probably accurate.

What's my time commitment here?
For Marketplace: Huge. Half an hour, every single day. Which is great if you want to know a lot about the economy and have a lot of time.

For Make Me Smart: 30-45 minutes once a week, which feels much more doable for me. 

My Review:

Back in the day, I was super into investing. One of the big rules I followed was "Invest it and forget it." Which I did--so I'm not super into investing anymore. One of the few remnants of those days is my love of Marketplace

But I listen to a lot of podcasts, and Marketplace is pretty time consuming, which is why I was excited to find out about Make Me Smart. I've only listened to one episode so far, but I think I'm going to be a fan. It's a little different--a little less formal, a little more opinionated, a little funnier. But it still is very timely and very educational.

You can listen to Marketplace here or wherever you listen to podcasts.
You can listen to Make Me Smart here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


  1. While i have not gotten into listening to podcasts, i can see how investing in a good set of ear buds and spending my work time listening could be a good thing. Thanks for the recommendation of Make Me Smart, it sounds like a good place to begin.

  2. I'm not sure this would be my cup of tea. I've done a bit of investing in the last year or so. I try not to think about it and I'm hoping it will pay off in years to come (retirement) but in the meantime I'm working on "Ignorance is Bliss"!

    Leanne |
    K for Keep Trying

  3. You did well to find a 'K', some tricky letters still to come :-)

  4. You keep finding them - keep it up! I'm wondering about X and Z...

  5. Sorry, no K podcasts in my library either. I think a few of the ones I've listened to did start on radio first too. Weekends In Maine

  6. I am not familiar with Blogger. How can I follow you? I am enjoying all of your A-Z posts

  7. I had taken the show-my-followers gadget down, not realizing that meant no one could follow me anymore! I added it back. Thanks for pointing that out.

  8. Podcasting! Something I've never listened to, but at one time my husband thought of doing like a couple's sort of podcast. I used to listen to talk radio a lot, but being a homeschool mom, I've always kept sounds down because I feared they'd be too big a distraction. It seems a lot of people are really into podcasts, too, that they offer a lot of information. :)

  9. For blogger motivation I listen to Kim Anderson's "Just Keep Blogging" podcast. She is encouraging in her approach. (and you could kill J AND K with this one!)
    N is for Nature