Saturday, April 14, 2018

M is for Maine

Welcome to Day 13 of the A-Z challenge! This year I am reviewing podcasts. Day 13 is the letter M, and I will be reviewing Maine Calling. Even if you aren't from Maine, there might be something here for you.

My husband called me a couple of days ago and said, "Guess what!" They are doing a radio program about podcasts on Maine Public Radio right now! Of course I was working, and couldn't listen to it, but...guess what! A lot of radio shows are podcasts now, and this was no exception. So I got to hear it anyway!

If you are interested in learning more about podcasts, you can find out more right here.

But wait! There's more! Maine Calling is a great podcast in its own right! It is a radio call in program that discusses both national and local issues. In addition to podcasts, recent episodes have focused on intellectual disabilities, Maine exports, birding, the situation in Syria and new technology. I highly recommend it for people who live in Maine, for people who wish they lived in Maine, and for people who don't yet know enough about Maine to wish they lived here. So...everyone.

You can listen to any of their episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


  1. I've been following Karen from Weekends In Maine - she's been doing Winter in Maine for the AtoZ - I'm feeling like a bit of a pattern is starting here (except Maine looks WAY too cold for my taste!)

    Leanne |
    M for Make It Happen

  2. Maine Calling is an excellent choice. I also enjoy Love Maine Radio with Dr. Lisa Belisle although that one is more Maine-centric as she interviews various people throughout the state. I also like the Grow Maine Show with Marty Grohman which is more business focused. I love learning about what creative people are doing in Maine although I'm a little behind and need to catch up on the latest episodes. Weekends In Maine

  3. I've not listened to many podcasts, but I like your description of who would enjoy listening..."for people who don't yet know enough about Maine to wish they lived here"!
    My first graders used to do a podcast each Friday - with weather, school news, a math problem, a riddle, joke, and music they composed on GarageBand - we had a blast! I'm going to search some old files and see if I can send you one. They were short and sweet!

  4. As I hope to visit Maine this summer, I"ll be checking this out.