Tuesday, April 3, 2018

C is for Civics 101

Welcome to Day 3 of the A-Z Challenge. This year I am reviewing podcasts. Day 3 is the letter C, and the podcast I will be reviewing is Civics 101.

This is the first podcast that I had to actively research to find. Unlike a few of the letters coming up, I found the letter C easily, and loved it from the start.

Virginia Prescott is the host of Civics 101, the study of the ins and outs of how our government works. Civics 101 calls itself a "refresher course," but every time I listen to an episode Virginia teaches me things that don't even seem familiar.  She does it in a way that is engaging and memorable. I have a real longing to be better educated about the world I live in, and this podcast helps me do just that.

The iTunes store categorizes this podcast as News and Politics, and for the first time, I agree!

What's my time commitment here?
The episodes come available about twice a week, and most episodes are 15-20 minutes. A few special ones are longer.

My Review:
Each episode is tied to a real life news story. She uses it as a scaffolding--activating your prior knowledge, (that's teacher talk) so that you have something on which to hang all the new information you are being given. If you, like me, want to know a lot more than you know about our government and don't want to be bored while you are learning it, this is the show for you. Our world would be a better place if more people took the time to understand civics. 

You can listen to it here or wherever you listen to your podcasts


  1. I'm afraid government and its workings leaves me a bit cold - I might be giving this one a miss (especially seeing Australian govt is quite different to US or UK govts)

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    C for Consider Every Angle

  2. I think a lot of kids could benefit from a refresher--or the basics--on Civics. I'm adding it to my resource list!

  3. I haven't listened to many podcasts, but I just may have to start now. I'll be coming back to learn more!


  4. I've never heard of the term scaffolding but I love the concept. It makes so much sense. The podcast sounds great and we could definitely all benefit from more knowledge of civics.
    Weekends In Maine