Monday, April 8, 2013

G Is For...Goals

Lots and lots and lots of goals. I am focusing on Book Projects, My Home, Relationships, Joy and Health on this blog, and in my life. Each main goal has several smaller ones, most of which I've been working on haphazardly for years. 

Book Projects:
1. Straighten up all my files so I know exactly how many books I've got in the works and where they are.
2. Combine all the pieces of Lost Magic into 1 rough draft and begin editing.
3. Read all of Ironwood and make notes for my meeting on Thursday.
4. Keep waiting to hear back from the editor about Hidden Magic.

My Home:
1. Buy paint for the family room and dining room.
2. Box up my family room bookshelves for their trip downstairs.
3. Paint the family room and dining room.
4. Buy new couches, a new entertainment center and a few other odds and ends.
5. Get the deck attached to our house.
6. Buy the rocks for the patio, benches and fire pit.

Strengthening Relationships:
1. Make an effort to stay off the computer while the kids are at home.
2. Keep reading with the kids, cycling who I pick the next book for.
3. Do more projects together.
4. Do my visiting teaching every month.

1. Sign up for 2 classes.
2. Make a list of the things that bring me joy.
3. Write in my journal for 2 minutes every night.
4. Find more things that bring me joy.

1. Sign up for the 5K on June 8.
2. Train for the 5K: 
     Swim on T, Th
     Strength Train on M, F
     Walk on W, Sa
     Yoga every morning
3. Remind myself where I am and where I am headed.
4. Take vitamin D for 10 weeks and get all my blood tests retaken. Deal with the results.
5. Get off of aleve and still have no shoulder pain.


  1. Lots of goals! Best of luck with them.

    I had fun going back through your A to Z. I'd never heard of carriage roads. They look perfect for walking and thinking :)

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  2. You've got a lot on your plate. Good luck.