Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U Is For...You

I was feeling pretty discouraged yesterday, and decided to give up the A-Z Challenge, even though it wasn't really the challenge that was making me discouraged. I still feel really great about that decision. And yet, here I am. What's up with that?

Well, one of the things that made me sad about this challenge is not having enough time to look at all the other amazing blog posts. I'd quickly glance at six or seven, try hard to think of comments and give up. I'm not great at comments.

So, this morning, it hit me. I could spend a little more time perusing the other blogs on this challenge and post links to two or three of my favorites here on this blog. I'm still not going to read dozens of posts, so don't be hurt if yours isn't on here. I'm sure I would have loved it.

The Prosers: Yeah. This is my other blog. But the ladies I work with over there are amazing. Check out T Is For Toothless by MaryAnn.

U Is For Unhealthy Relationships from In Which We Start Anew is a great blog post. In Which We Start Anew has been a great find for me during this challenge. It's not the kind of blog I usually read, but maybe I should.

Patience, Persistence and Perspiration is about a woman struggling to lose weight. I've been so impressed with her journey, which seems to be just beginning. I plan to continue following her efforts for a long time. U Is For Understanding.

Now, From Sarah, With Joy is exactly the kind of blog I usually look for. She's a talented writer, she's very committed to her goals, and she's very nice. My favorite. Her latest post, U Is For Unarmed, was exactly what I needed to hear today. is a new find for me (T is for Turkish carpets.) So is whose latest blog post is called U Is For Opposites. You'll have to chek it out if you want to know why.

So, this took a lot longer than I thought it would. Goal for tomorrow: put a time limit on how long I have to search.

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