Thursday, April 11, 2013

J Is For...Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

It's too bad today's letter wasn't T...for Torpor, because that's what I've been in. I woke up early with an insurmountable to-do list running through my head. So I wrote it down, because often, once I see it on paper, I realize it's not quite as long a list as I'd originally feared. It didn't work. It was definitely insurmountable. That would have been such a good word for I.

I got going on life, getting the kids out of bed, packing lunches...then my husband called. I'd forgotten I was supposed to pick up my daughter from seminary this morning. I dashed out of the house in pajama bottoms and a jacket, and hurried from one thing to the next until I got home from swimming at 9:00. I settled down to read a manuscript I need to have read before a meeting tonight and somehow ended up watching an episode of Alias instead.

I made a few of the phone calls that were on my list, and then found myself mindlessly scrolling through my facebook page. I decided to go on a walk, and realized I was still wearing my pajama bottoms. Drat.  It's too ridiculous for words, the way sometimes I just LANGUISH when I should be thriving.

Finally, I decided to clean the kitchen (which wasn't on my list, but still had to get done) while I thought of a good J word.


I was half-way through the Joseph soundtrack before I realized that I was dancing and cleaning and back on track. Music is magical.

I have subtle issues with the whole premise of Joseph, to tell the truth. I believe Jacob was a prophet, not some indolent man reclining on a chair while women danced for him. Still, I can't help but love this show, especially the talented Maria Friedman. I can't help but belt it out when I'm singing with her.

Thanks for the energy Maria. I needed it today.

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