Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T Is For Thank You

   Although I am feeling a
Tiny bit
Timorous about this silly post, it has been
Thrilling to
Transcribe the T section of the dictionary and
Transform it into coherent
     As I mentioned yesterday, I've been feeling a
Tiny bit
Torpid about this challenge. All day
Today I've felt
Taciturn about the whole
Thing. In fact, I was
Tempted to not participate at al.

Then I
Thought about my sweet friend Miriam. She's been
Tenacious about reading every single post I've written this month, and made comments about the
Things I've written.
Therefore, I am
Tethering myself to her enthusiasm so
To make it
Through one more post.
Thank you, Miriam, for being such a
Thoughtful friend, and
Taking the
Time to be interested in something that is important to me.

1 comment:

  1. So cool how you are able to come up with posts using so many of the appropriate lettered words! I'm impressed!! :)