Thursday, April 3, 2014

C Is For Change (kind of)

For this year's A-Z Challenge, all my posts will center around the topic of Love.

I've been stuck on C all morning.

I was going to write about how Love Can Change us, but while "researching" the topic I accidentally spent half my day watching Chuck clips on youtube. But really, Chuck is the best example of how love can transform someone that you'll ever get in a television show, so why fight it? (The last clip is the best thing you'll watch all day. For real.)

Chuck and Sarah meet for the first time:

Chuck and Sarah rob a bank:

Sarah steps in to get the job done:

And just for fun, because it is the best action song ever-- Mr. Roboto
If you don't watch anything else, watch this one, even if it has nothing to do with change.


  1. Never have seen that show but Chuck is my brothers name and I support change for growth so both Chuck and change get a thumbs up for for love? Isn't that the thing that makes the world go around? Nice to meet you, good luck with the challenge and new follower.

  2. Great clips! I've been captivated for the last 15 minutes! Love it. Chuck and Change: both rock!