Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 20: What Do You Collect?

I collect nothing. I love nothing. When I'm able to get rid of something, and collect a little piece of nothing, it makes me so, so happy. I long to display nothing, perhaps interspersed with a few other doo-dads. But collecting nothing is harder than it seems.

Take this computer table for instance. Just yesterday, I cleared away everything except the computer and its accessories to make space for my beloved nothing. But somehow it slipped away, leaving in its place one cloth grocery bag, a recipe for a rub for pork loin (yum!), a plastic bag that used to hold a RetainerBrite sample, a coupon for Olympia Sports, a report card, a roll of tape, an address book, a kitchen towel and a magazine. What happened to my beloved nothing??? It certainly didn't deposit itself anywhere else in the house.


Over the years, I've made attempts at other collections: trivets from every state I have visited; or at least every state I've visited a gift shop in. Except Florida, cause I forgot. And Maryland, because it broke. And Pennsylvania, because I couldn't find one. Fine. That collection isn't going so well. Ditto with my plate collection--you know, the kind of plate you display on a wall. I got 3 before I lost interest. Up on my dresser, there is the beginning of a Precious Moments statuette collection. My personal favorite is the one of a girl peering into a tunnel, and there is a bunny holding a candle for "the light at the end of the tunnel." My bunny is decapitated, and its head is on the ground at its feet. That's symbolic of something, I imagine. And when I was a child, I collected unicorns. I've only got one left though, and my daughter is eagerly awaiting my imminent demise so she can have it.

I used to collect books. Books, books everywhere, but most of them are pretty old. I've learned that I'm a better nothing collector if I simply go to the library. Plus I've got a kindle for the hard-to-find books.

CelestialEarth Minerals has this gorgeous calcite
on sale right now for $25.00
If I had to collect something other than nothing, I would collect rocks, though I don't even have one. My son does though. He belonged to the Mineral Of The Month Club when he was about 8. Every month, he would get a fancy rock in the mail.He enjoyed it, but my heart was eaten up with envy. I love rocks. When we go to the museum, all my kids have to tug on my arms and whine in increasingly loud voices before I leave the mineral section. When I'm finished with my nothing collection, I think I'll collect rocks.

31 Day Blog Challenge:


  1. I think I need to collect more nothing. I know my husband would love it! Great post.

  2. Ok, this... was... the most ingenious post... ever!

    Come help me collect nothing!

  3. I love to collect nothing too! (Though I will admit rocks are pretty cool.) Sadly, my mom and my mother-in-law both think I should collect things--especially dust-collecting knickknacks that have no use.

    When my daughter moves to her own apartment this summer, I'm putting knickknacks in her boxes. *rubs hands together in glee*