Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Up...Thursday???

What happened? How did I miss Wednesday?  For a few minutes, let's pretend like today is really yesterday and like I didn't miss anything. (Except the chance to link it up, which is kind of sad, but that's what I get when I start skipping whole days like that.)

What's Up Wednesday is a blog hop created by Erin L. Funk and her sister Jaime Morrow.


Hardly anything. Shampoo bottles, lotion bottles, that sort of thing. I don't know how to not read, but I'm trying to not read for a week or two. 


Yesterday I wrote two pages of a book that wasn't Pyromancy. It was for an old Nanowrimo project that I haven't thought about for months, but yesterday on a walk a much better opening chapter fell into my head fully formed. That particular book is number five or six on my list of books I ought to be writing, but suddenly it looks so tempting.

But mostly I'm working on Pyromancy revisions. It isn't fun. Knowing what I know about the way the book ends makes the first half of Pyromancy especially emotional for me. Writing has never taken me on such a roller coaster ride before, and I'm not sure it ever will again. I kind of hope not. My poor family does not understand where my morose moods are coming from.


Walking has always inspired me. Yesterday I walked along the Two Cent Bridge. It's a pedestrian bridge across the Kennebec River in Maine. This is the new starting place for my untitled book, except what's happening on either side of the bridge is much more interesting than in real life.
(Ticonic) Two Cent Bridge - Waterville, Maine


My husband and I spent the weekend in Boston, and it was amazing. Our hotel had a sauna, and I adore saunas. We ate dinner on the North End, and spent Saturday at the LDS temple. Good times.

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