Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge--Day 19: 5 Places I Would Love To Travel

As usual, I asked my kids to answer this blog challenge. This is what they said:

J#1: Lugano, Switzerland (of course. I didn't really need to ask.)

J#2: Mexico
  (L: No way! Mexico is a dangerous, dangerous place.
  Me: I'd love to go to Mexico. Why do you want to go there?
  J#2: Because they have the most coconuts in the world.)

D: Probably somewhere in the Netherlands. (Again...did I really need to ask?)

L: Ohio. Or where ever that toilet place is.

Hee, hee. This is what she means by "that toilet place", and it's definitely not in Ohio:

The Toilet Bowl, Hanauma Bay, Hawaii
Sadly, I don't think the Toilet Bowl is open for swimming anymore. I'd still go though! In fact, I'll concur with all my kids (again). I'd love to to all of those places, which leaves me with one more...It's so hard to pick. Should I backpack across Great Britain? Eat my way through Italy? I think the place I pick is a place I haven't been back to since I was a child. I LOVED San Diego, California when I was a kid, especially Sea World. So that's spot #5:

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