Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ready, Set, Write! Week 3

Ready. Set. Write! is a summer blog hop set up by  Jaime Morrow, Alison MillerKaty Upperman, and Erin Funk. I'm a day late, so the blog list is already closed. But this was an important week for me to set goals, so I'm venturing out on my own with this post. 

1. How I did on last week’s goals: 

I did pretty well on my goal--which was to find something cool to add to my WIP every day. I didn't actually add anything, but I came up with some good ideas.

2. My goal(s) for this week

Up until now, we've been travelling, so I haven't been as involved with this summer intensive as I wanted to be. But there is no excuse now, except that I have no idea what I want to focus intensively ON. 

Pyromancy: Crash is with the beta readers, so I can ignore that.
Pyromancy: Burn needs significant revision, but my coauthors think we should wait to see what the betas think of Crash before we do anything major.
Prophecy (the last book in the series) is only in rough outline form, and I can think of a dozen reasons not to begin it yet, but...  :)
Lost Magic is the sequel to a book I haven't thought about for a long, long time. It belongs on this list of unfinished things.

Looking at that list, I think this week's goal is to flesh out my ideas for Ana and James in Prophecy. In addition to that, I'd like to write 2000 shiny new words. 

3. A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

Last week, I gave the ice demon quote, and people seemed to like it, so here's the next couple of sentences. This is an excellent example of actual collaboration. All three of us coauthors had a hand in writing this conversation:

"If that really is Juliette, this is a lousy welcome home," she said to me, and then she spoke to Juliette for the first time. "I'm sorry. I thought you were an ice demon. It was an honest mistake."Zach spoke up, “That could happen to anyone.”I chuckled at that. Jules shot a look at Zach, and crossed her arms. “I prefer ‘hellfire harpy,’” she said loftily.

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write, the siren song of SNIs)

We were on vacation, so I knew I wouldn't be doing a lot of writing. But we were on vacation in places moderately related to my story (New York City and Pennsylvania) so I was positive I would be inspired. But early mornings, late nights, hot, muggy days and no down time left my brain too exhausted to process anything but making sure all of my children were in my line of sight.

5. Something I love about my WIP

I don't have anything new to say about this. Next week for sure.


  1. *splutters* Did you say--was that--THREE coauthors?! Wow. That is just so amazing to me. Congratulations on your superb ability to cooperate. (My blog partner and I can't even write a short blog post together, so that's where I'm coming from.)

    And you know (re: NYC), I tend to find that being in a place that is inspiring for me as a writer doesn't necessarily mean I will do any writing there. But I think--I hope--that by living in it and soaking it all up, the writing is enriched once you sit down again at home. Have a great week. :) Best of luck with your goals.

  2. Hey, good ideas then lead to adding things to WiPs right? :) It's definitely hard to write while on vacation! Good luck this next week.