Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge--Day 27: My Favorite On-line Places

The Six O Clock Scramble is an on-line dinner planning service. Every week you receive a grocery list and 5 healthy, delicious and quick to fix meals. I love it, and I'm not sure how we lived without it.

Hatrack River Writer's Workshop is the site that taught me almost everything I know about being a professional writer. It's also the place where I found a fantastic support group, and writers I am proud to call friends.

Facebook I admit it. I love facebook. Through facebook I've grown closer to friends and family I might have lost touch with otherwise, gotten to know a lot of my writer friends from Hatrack, joke around with people from my community and church that I otherwise wouldn't get a chance to talk to...It's a great place.

Netflix  The salesman at Radio Shack told me that digital TV destroyed television for Maine. Between the weather, and the huge number of rural homes, tons of us just don't have television anymore. To be honest, we only had PBS and NBC before anyway, but now we've got nothing. So we love, love, love our Netflix. It doesn't give us everything, but hey...who wants everything? We've got Dora, Cyberchase, Mythbusters and Monk. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, me...I can't live without my weekly dose of Chuck!  


  1. Ahem. You'll notice that I didn't put *anyone's* blog. I am not that brave a woman. :)

  2. Besides, your blog won't let me on anymore. I keep trying...Am I looking in the wrong place?