Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Name That Book Club

There are a few days left in the Spring Seasonal Book Challenge at Goodreads. I've only earned 5 points so far. Not so great in a contest where everyone else seems to be in the hundreds. So I'm leaving the 5 point challenges behind and jumping straight to the 15 pointers. If you're doing this with me, you need a goodreads account and at least a goodreads friend or two.

Here's the task:

15.6 - Friends and Friends of Friends
A.For the first part of this task read a book that is popular among the lists of your Goodreads friends that you have never see a list of these books click on this link Popular Books
B.For the second part of this task click on this link (Friends Of Friends) and select the first person on this list and read a 5 star book from their list.

I picked Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow  by Jessica Day George for the first part of this task. I've ordered it from the library and hope it will get here in time.
I got Catering to Nobody (Goldy, Book 1) from a friend of one of my friends. I picked this up at my little library here in town and read it yesterday. I've been meaning to read a mystery for quite a long time. This one was better than I expected, but I'm not rushing out to get the next one.

Next month, I'll be starting a book group for people like me who are up for one or two reading challenges a month, but aren't interested in wading through the mountains of e-mails this popular group gets. We'll pick one or two challenges from their list each month.

All I need before I start the book group is a name. Some play on Seasonal Reading Challenge--something that says that we are trying to build diversity into our reading.


  1. Hello!
    The blog looks nice - so glad you're here in blogland :)

    I'm never really good about naming things - the only thing I can come up with is:
    Melanie's Book Club...........hmmmm, original huh?! Or how about Words...... it's not getting better is it? I think I'll leave now. See ya next time ;)

  2. Thanks Laurie! I considered Melanie's Book Club, but I want people to feel like it's their book group too! Do you like "Your Book Group"?

    How about "The Serendipity Challenge" or just "Serendipity"? That's sort of what I'm going for--finding something magical in a book we otherwise would never have picked up.

  3. I read all the Goldy books. They weren't the best books I've ever read but when I need something simply light and entertaining I read those or another culinary series.