Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thinking About It Thursday...

I missed What's Up Wednesday? How did that even happen? Dang.

Welcome to Thinking About It which I type out all of the crazy plans that have been floating around in my head for the month of November.

NaNoWriMo: OK, yes. I'm nearly finished editing one book, and need to seriously work on the next draft of another, but the siren song of Nanowrimo keeps calling me to come and play. I've been putting off the sequel to Hidden Magic for so long. It's already mostly outlined. Maybe just this once.

NaExerciseMo: Here's a thought. I could take all the time I usually devote to NaNoWriMo and use it to exercise. Think how good that would be for my body, and for my mind too. I'm finally starting physical therapy on my hip today. I have a dream that my whole body is going to start feeling its real age instead of 82.

NaDeYoHoMo: Ha! That is so much fun to say! It really ought to be a thing. It's National Declutter Your House Month! Just yesterday the plumber came by and gave us an estimate on the lynchpin home improvement project that has been keeping us from all other projects. It's going to cost a boatload of money to move the washer and dryer out of my kitchen and into the basement, but it's so worth it. I spent yesterday decluttering the basement to make room for them, and I kind of hate to lose my momentum.  A whole section of our concrete floor is bare now. It's so pretty, I could just stand in the middle of it and spin in a slow circle all day long. I should get rid of ALL THE THINGS!

NaGoBaToWoMo: In which I take a massive pay cut, but Go Back To Work as a substitute teacher. I was a long term sub, which was very close to normal pay, but short term subs make next to nothing, but do get job experience and make connections, which are vital to getting a teaching that what I want?

National Do As I'm Doing Month: I couldn't even begin to find an acronym that was possible to say for this one. But I could continue on as I am, finishing my current novel, exercising a bit, watching my house sink under the weight of all that clutter, and substituting once a week or so.

Or current favorite:

National Do It All Month. And Christmas Shop Too.

You know...looking at it written out there, shiny and imaginary, it seems like I could do almost all of it, except maybe write Lost Magic. I hate to set that aside, especially when I could feed off all the excess  NaNoWriMo energy, but this isn't really the time. So here's the plan...I will have a finished outline of Lost Magic by the end of November. I will schedule two hours a week to work on it. Not even close to Nanowrimo mode, but a heck of a lot more attention than I've been giving it.

Which leaves me with a lot of time for exercise. Probably more than I need. But I could do an hour a day. Still not NaNoWriMo levels of time commitment, but more than I've been doing, by a long shot.

So I'll have plenty of time to substitute, declutter my house, Christmas shop, and finish the Pyromancy novel. Easy peasy. I only wonder if I'm not planning enough...

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