Friday, January 21, 2011

The Club Can't Handle Me, pt. 2

A few days ago I posted about dancing in the church parking lot during a snow storm at nighttime. We were waiting for my friend Renee to pick up her daughters and their friend. After reading my version of events, she sent me a message on facebook with her journal entry about the event. It was so amazing that I asked permission to post it here:
And turning quickly I saw them there, 5 perhaps 6, dancing in the moonbeams on a field of white. Fairies I think they were. Some were linked hand-in-hand as in a childhood game of ring-around-the-rosies. Others were solitary, with arms raised in praise to the heavens. Each head was thrown back in joyous laughter. Almost it seemed, in the same instant that I saw them, they were gone, spirited away to another plane. But their brilliance filled my spirit with happiness all the way home.
Even if the soundtrack was a silly hip hop song, this was the exact feeling of it. It was a magical moment. 


  1. This is beautiful, Melanie.There is something most magical about moonbeams and snow, and dancing in the middle of it all!

  2. Thanks! And it's good to see you back. After I took such a long break, I didn't know if anyone would still be reading.

  3. You're in my google reader, Melanie! I'm glad you're back posting again. I've been tempted to take a break now and again but I haven't yet.

  4. Well, I'm still trying to settle on a workable format for this blog. There is so much I want to blog about that I'll probably end up keeping a separate, more reflective blog about writing. But I've got to work out the kinks with this one first.